Social activitie

On Wednesday, 23th of September we will take a guided tour around Bilbao.


The activity that is proposed consists on a sightseeing route by bus and with the company of a local tourist guide, where emblematic buildings can be seen. The tour will start from Guggenheim parking and different places will be seen: 

  • Puente peatonal Pedro Arrupe
  • Torre Iberdrola
  • Hotel Melia
  • Parque Doña Casilda
  • Puente Euskalduna
  • Palacio Euskalduna
  • Estadio San Mames
  • Universidad de Deusto
  • Biblioteca nueva Universidad de Deusto
  • Torres Izosaki
  • Guggenheim, etc.

The guided tour will last 45 minutes, at most 1 hour and will end in the neighboring of the Guggenheim museum.