Conferences and seminars

  1. I International Conference: Archaeology of villages, November 2008. Publication
  2. II International conference: Radiocarbon Dates in historical time sites, July 2009. Publication
  3. III International conference: Vasconia in the Early Middle Ages, 450-1000, March 2010. Publication. Video.
  4. Antonio Malpica seminars, April 2010. Video 1. Video 2.
  5. Seminar: Archeology of Architecture in Italy in the beginning of the 21st century, April 2010. Video.
  6. International seminar: Funerary Archaeology and social identities, November 2010.  Publication. Video
  7. International seminar: Archaeology at the beginning of 21st century, May 2010. Video
  8. IV International Conference: Horrea, barns and silos. Storage and incomes in the villages of the Early Middle Ages, June 2010. Website. Publication. Video.
  9. Seminar: G. P. Brogiolo, The origin of the medieval city in The West, December 2011. Video.
  10. V International Conference: Archaeology of farming and husbandry in Early Medieval Europe, November 2012. WebsitePublication. Video.
  11. Early Medieval Archaeology seminars, December 2012. Video.
  12. From the data to the historical interpretation. An interdisciplinary view from the medievalism, September-December 2013. Program. Video.
  13. VI International Conference: Who were, what were and what did they do. Identities and funerary archaeology among the 5th and 8th centuries, October 2013. WebsiteVideos.
  14. VII International Conference: Demography, Paleopathology and social inequality in the North of the Peninsula, 6-7 November 2014. Website.
  15. VIII Conference Archaeology of Social Inequality in North-Western Iberia in the Early Medieval period, June 2015, in the framework of the 5th International Medieval Meeting Lleida.
  16. International meeting Archaeometry of ceramic in Northern Iberia, 10 June 2016, Website
  17. IX International Conference: Archaeology of social inequality in Early Medieval Europe. A tribute to Chris Wickham, 22-23 September 2016. Website