The Research Group in Heritage and Cultural Landscapes, created in 2007,is the result of the synergy among several researches using a common theoretical approach to analyse cultural landscapes and historical heritage in interdisciplinary projects. The main aims of the group are:

  • To build dense and quality archaeological records, joining bioarchaeological, geoarchaeological and archeometric studies in the construction of the historical documents. An epistemological starting point with a transdisciplinary character is basic to reach this objective.
  • To analyse the current landscapes formation processes in historical terms, using approaches with regressive character as well as specific heritage interventions, with the idea of influence into the protection protocols, management or enhancement of the cultural heritage.
  • To carry out heritage intervention actions from the point of view of the sustainable development and the territorial connection.
  • To develop broadcasting actions of the investigation results into several levels and scales, involving local societies (where the heritage becomes significant as a resource) as well as in an international level (by organizing seminars, conferences and congresses).

Our group is part of the Research and Formation Unit "Historia, Pensamiento y Cultura Material" (History, Thought and Material Culture) in the UPV-EHU