Docencia - Visión general

Teaching - General vision


Advertising and Public Relations

The purpose of the degree in Advertising and Public Relations is to get students closer to the reality of the System and the advertising processes that form part of the advertising Industry. We are interested in providing a serious and rigorous frame of reference in keeping with the rest of disciplines related to communication that are taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication.

At the same time, the students are provided with the working methods and procedures required for the professional development of advertising. All in all, it is about combining academic knowledge with professional practice; both can (and, in fact, should) go hand in hand.

The abovementioned is supplemented with a wide choice of professional practices that the Faculty has arranged together with the most important companies in the advertising sector. These practices, which are tutored by Faculty lecturers, are intended to get students in touch with the work routine and the reality of the companies in the advertising sector.

Audiovisual Communication

The Audiovisual Communication studies are intended to provide students with a frame of reference that enables them to analyse and act in the changing environment of social communication.

The degree in Audiovisual Communication tries to meet this objective through a theoretical-practical approach to the subjects that make up the curriculum, which can be adaptable to the different itineraries and profiles that can be found in the professional field.

Academic training is supplemented with a wide choice of professional practices at the main media, press offices and companies in the audiovisual sector. Here, students (who are adequately tutored) can acquire a direct knowledge of the work processes and dynamics of these professional environments.

Other Studies

Apart from the two degrees that are characteristic to it, the Audiovisual Communication and Advertising Department takes also part in the Journalism and Sociology degrees.