Estudios de Postgrado

Postgraduate Studies

Here you will find the postgraduates courses in which our Department takes part. For a complete list you can visit the website of the Postgraduate Studies at the UPV/EHU (in Basque / in Spanish)

Multimedia Communication (UPV-EITB) (Official Master)

Nowadays it is clear which are the challenges that the professionals dedicated to communication in Basque face: the creation of products adapted to multimedia mediums that, in order to be both effective and attractive, must be also adapted to the requirements of multimedia communication in Basque. Both UPV lecturers and EITB professionals have taken these challenges into account when jointly designing a master's degree in Multimedia Communication. The main aim of this master's curriculum and practice is meeting the current needs of those professionals who are going to carry out their work in Basque.   

From an academic point of view, the master divides into three main points: the first one would be the development of the students' communicative skills, taking into account the linguistic resources that best adapt to the different conditions regarding multimedia communication; the second one would be training students in the current multimedia communication technology and techniques, and especially in the new tools Internet currently offers to journalists; and, third and last, going into the knowledge of the media market in order to guarantee the effectiveness and attractiveness of the products as far as possible.

In order to meet such an objective, apart from the contribution from most communication agencies and media in Basque, we count on the experience and the help from the main television in Basque, that is, EITB. This master combines the teaching experience of some of the lecturers of the Faculty of Social Sciencies and Communication of the UPV with the experience of those professionals who have had a long and productive career at EITB. Both experiences will come together in an elaborate and solid academic and practice programme.  

Entertainment Arts and Sciences (Official Master)

The aim of this master's degree is the specialised and multidisciplinary training of university graduates through the acquisition of the competence and in-depth knowledge of the theory and aesthetics of dramatic arts, as well as the development of the skills related to the analysis, writing and production of stage works, both from the perspective of its historical evolution and present-day artistic expression. It is also its purpose the acquisition of competences in the field of research methodology as applied to the development of stage works together with the knowledge of the techniques, processes and new technologies applied to creation and innovation in the field of dramatic arts and entertainment.

The master's degree provides specialization for working, teaching or doing research in the fields of drama, set design, stage direction and performance, choreography and stage production management.

Social Communication (Official Master and PhD)

The Master in Social Communication is a Master of Research aimed at those students who want to have a broader knowledge of the research techniques in the field of social communication with a view to their writing a doctoral thesis. Apart from teaching the techniques of social research as applied to the field of communication, the Master will also include different courses aimed at offering a broader knowledge of current reality in the so-called "information society".

The regulations currently in force regarding the Third Cycle establish that Masters of Research are the way of access to a future registration for the Doctoral Thesis. The Master has been organised by the following departments: Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, Journalism and Journalism II.

Feminist and Gender Studies (Official Master and PhD)

Knowledge Creation and Communication Documentary (University Master)

Globalization and Develoment Master (Official Master and PhD)