Research Projects

Setting up an International Research Team

Josu Amezaga Albizu, Edorta Arana Arrieta, Patxi Azpillaga Goenaga, Beatriz Narbaiza Amillategi, Ekain Rojo Labaien
from 2009 to 2010
Financing entity:
Eusko Jaurlaritza / Gobierno Vasco
Total amount:
€ 6022

Abstract: With this project we intend to continue the task undertaken in 2005 and followed in 2008, which translates into the teamwork done with the various centres dedicated to the study of the minority language media in the European Union. Apart from the activities and contacts started previously (University of Aberystwyth, Wales; Mercator Media; and UAB, Barcelona), our aim is to extend our relationship to the Centre for Cultural Policy Reseach, University of Glasgow, and the Centre de Estudis Olimpics, UAB, in order to intensify our work on the field of sport and collective identity.