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The Media and the Creation of a Collective Identity: The Case of the Media in Basque

Josu Amezaga Albizu, Edorta Arana Arrieta, Ander Iturriotz Lauzurika, Rosa Mª Martín Sabarís
from 1997 to 1998
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€ 11119

Abstract: We wanted to make a contribution to the subject of the creation of a collective identity by the media and, more specifically, analyse the image that the main media in Basque (EUSKALDUNON EGUNKARIA and ETB-1) project of the Basque Country, as well as the role these media play in the strengthening of the Basque-speaking community.

On the one hand, we considered absolutely necessary to get an in-depth knowledge of these media: their structure, their contents, the image they project of the Basque Country and Basque Society through their contents, etc. And, on the other hand, there was the issue of the role these media play in the strengthening of the Basque community. For this purpose, we focused on the use the Basque-speaking community's social agents make of them, on the use made by their recipients and on their perception of the image of the Basque Country projected by them.