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The Uses of Satellite Television for the Creation of an Identity among Diasporic Communities: The Canal Vasco (Basque Channel) in America

Josu Amezaga Albizu, Jose Inazio Basterretxea Polo
from 2001 to 2002
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€ 3726

Abstract: The development of electronic media is changing the relationship between the diaspora and its country of origin or reference, and this change is reflected in the use of satellite television. The aim of this study was, therefore, the analysis of the use that people living in Latin America and who consider themselves as Basques make of Canal Vasco, as well as the role this use plays in the creation of their Basque identity, all of it taking their background into account. For this purpose, apart from the historical analysis, we carried out dozens of in-depth interviews in two countries with a different Basque diasporic typology: Argentina and Venezuela.

Reference: UPV 0016,323-H-14008/2001 AMEZAGA