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Groups and lines of Reseach


The Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry integrates different research groups in the field of Organic Synthesis and Materials.

For detailed information on each of them, you can consult their website or contact the Principal Investigator.


Organic Chemistry Section:

Asymmetric Synthesis, Sustainable Chemistry and Biomimetic Processes. 

    GSA group

    IP: Jose L. Vicario (

► Organometalics in Synthesis .

    OMS group

    IP: Esther Lete (, Nuria Sotomayor (

►  New Synthetic Methodologies.  

    NEWSYNMETH group

    IP: Raul SanMartín (, M. Teresa Herrero


Inorganic Chemistry Section:

- Porous metal-organic materials.

    MOF-POM group

    IP: Oscar Castillo García (

- Polyoxometalate Chemistry.

    MOF-POM group

    IP: Juan M. Gutiérrez-Zorrilla (

- Novel theranostic platforms based on magnetic nanoparticles

    GESM group

    IP: Maite Insausti (

- Materials for electrochemical energy storage technologies

    GESM group

    IP: Teófilo Rojo (