Hosting of incoming university students

Procedure to request adaptations


Details on the students are taken by means of a request* that students should be formalized through the application GAUR, available on the website of the university. Once the students' needs have been assessed, they are offered the appropriate resources to help them access their studies.

* Procedure for request:

  1. Students with disabilities who are enrolled at the UPV / EHU may formally request inclusion in the census and request  adaptations through the GAUR application, available on the website of the university. The username and password to access this application is delivered by the registration receipt.
  2. In the application menu there is a section entitled "Disability Services" with two options: request for adaptation and adaptation request consultation.
  3. From the day after the completion of the enrollment request is available to the students. In the "request adaptation" should incorporate:
    1. Data on disability
    2. Handicap certificate or other certificate (medical or psychopedagogic) scanning.
    3. Type of needs
    4. It is advisable to complete the request as soon as possible to have the resources and the adaptations required before the start of classes.
  4. The Service will evaluate the requests.
  5. Students may consult through the "view request adaptation" the acceptance or rejection of the request.

 GAUR Virtual Office