17. What is the activity document?

This is an individual document which records all the activities you have performed during the doctorate and which are relevant to your research training.

The document is generated annually as the doctoral student uploads completed activities to the GAUR application. In addition, the certificates for each activity must also be uploaded to GAUR. The activity document may be amended and updated at any time during the course of the doctoral programme, except for during the annual evaluation periods.

The tutor and director must review and (as appropriate) approve all the activities included in the activity document within the period established by the official evaluation calendar.

Once the activities have been evaluated (approval in GAUR) by the tutor and director, they can no longer be amended unless the tutor and director remove their approval in GAUR.

The activity document is one of the documents examined by the academic committee for the programme during the annual evaluation of each doctoral student (see Question 19). Under no circumstances can training activities be amended following evaluation by the academic committee of the doctoral programme.

During defence of the thesis, the evaluation board will have both a copy of the thesis and the activity document.