The Doctoral School (DocS) is the centre that runs the UPV/EHU Doctoral studies, through which the students obtain their doctorate and which accredits them as research staff. We offer 66 doctoral programmes covering all areas of knowledge: 15 in Science, 16 in Engineering and Architecture, 10 in Health Sciences, 16 in Social and Legal Sciences, and 9 in Arts and Humanities.

We have over 3000 internationally renowned researchers to supervise the theses of our 4000 doctoral students, of which approximately 25% are from overseas.

The DocS Doctoral studies offer our students the chance to broaden their training at other national and international institutions (for example, by means of co-supervision agreements with other universities). They also have the opportunity to obtain several special mentions (industrial, international…) in the same doctoral thesis. All this makes studying for a Doctorate at the UPV/EHU a unique and valuable experience for our students, who we hope will play an important part in improving our society and strive to fulfil the sustainable development goals.

We would like to welcome anyone who may be interested in finding out more about our centre to check out the doctoral programmes we offer.