2. When and how can I pre-enrol and enrol on a doctoral program?

The period for pre-enrolment, admission and enrolment on the doctoral programs is in September-November (the specific dates are published on the website of the UPV/EHU).

It is also possible, in exceptional cases, to enrol outside these periods. This must be justified and approved by the academic committee of the program and the Postgraduate Committee. This extraordinary enrolment will be assigned, for the purpose of dates, to the previous period.

The pre-enrolment, admission and enrolment process is available via the following link:


However, if you encounter problems with the pre-enrolment, you should contact the person listed as the administrative contact on the doctorate website. For questions about Management Regulations for Doctoral Studies you can contact the Doctoral School via e-mail at doke.kalitatea@ehu.eus