Cross-Border Doctorials (UPV/EHU - UPPA)

1-3 December 2020
Online (Zoom)

The Doctorials are a great opportunity to meet other UPV/EHU and UPPA (Universit├ę de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour) PhD students, exchange matters they are concerned about and seek collective answers to personal or research challenges that will previously be defined.

Working on a challenge, a desire or a question

Each participant will be working, within a small group of doctoral students, on a challenges, desires, or questions that may be related to:

  • Changing research practices: for example, imagining researching in other places, with other rhythms; combining scientific research with artistic practices (or other types of practices); imagining ways to prevent scientific fraud; suggesting new ways of evaluating research, publishing, making applications, etc.

  • Investigating with the actors of a territory. Participatory or citizen research is very fashionable, but it is also sometimes very superficial or artificial. How can you imagine investigating with the actors of a territory? What people would be affected, what groups would be formed? How would you collect their needs and questions? How would you identify their knowledge and skills to combine them with scientific knowledge? How would those people surprise you? How would they generate other ways of researching?

  • Any other matter related to your own concerns, whether professional or private. Questions or wishes that may be linked to your doctoral research, but which may also be related to militant, social, cultural, commercial aspects, etc. They may have to do with the content itself or with more organisational questions (How to combine activism and research? How to turn an idea into a business project? How to combine studies and work?), or with values (What is the meaning of what I propose? What would be the framework of values?).


  • To develop the competences of the doctoral students for their future professional insertion by putting into practice the knowledge acquired throughout their training.

  • To acquire new skills related to working in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams.

  • To stimulate the networks of the participants and think of collaboration as a way of working.

  • To reflect on the civic and ethical values of research.

  • To promote transversality (open up to other disciplines).

Everything within the framework of transversal competences defined by the UPV/EHU: autonomy and self-regulation; social commitment; communication and multilingualism; ethics and professional responsibility; information management and digital citizenship; innovation and entrepreneurship, critical thinking; teamwork.


  • To start from students' own desires, needs or projects with which they have a real connection; their desires can be linked to their doctoral research, to the way research practices happen (how to radically change research practices, how to mobilise the different actors in a territory to come to research on issues they have to solve), or any other challenge of a professional or private nature. These challenges are answered through co-creation dynamics that allow them to be solved collectively and creatively.

  • It is important for each participant to be able to analyse and define the learnings that have been generated during the process, but it is not essential to reach a visible and tangible group result.

Group size

25 doctoral students per university (only students from the UPV/EHU doctoral school will be admitted through this page).

Registration dates

Registration closed
28 October - 18 November Registration
19 November Selection of participants and challenges
26 November Material sent out


Those who are interested in attending should fill in the Registration Form with their university's details and please include, very briefly:

  1. A biography, including interests outside of academic work. An informal biography is recommended, intended for students who will also join the Doctorials (maximum half page).

  2. A presentation of your thesis work (maximum half page).

  3. The challenge, desire or question on which you would like to work as a team within the framework of the Doctorials. Try to refine the challenge to the maximum, knowing that you will only have two mornings to work on it (maximum one page).

  4. The type of profile(s) you would like to have on your team (in the technical field, in the field of humanities, in the social or political field, in my area or in other areas).

  5. Certificate in English (B2 or similar).

Once students have registered, the organisational team will choose 8 challenges from all those that are proposed, which will be announced before starting the Doctorials. The working teams will be defined at the end of the first morning (1 December).

For further information, please contact the Doctoral School of the UPV/EHU at:

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