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Perfil de ingreso - Adquisición de lenguas

Admission criteria

Profile for admission

Anyone interested in forming part of the LAMS Doctoral Programme must hold an official university master's degree related to the subject matter covered in the LAMS programme, i.e. a qualification that comes under the field of applied linguistics. The candidate must also have a level of English equivalent to at least B2 according to the Common European Framework for Languages. Based on the student's prior experience, the Academic Commission may require the student to do courses or seminars to complete their training. The Commission will also request a motivation letter and may ask the student to attend a personal interview in which they will discuss their prior training in the area of research and their motivation and interest in carrying out the work involved in preparing a doctoral thesis.


XSL Content

There is no need for any specific additional training.

There is no additional admission criteria (see admission profile).




Matricula Procedimiento Asignacion - Común

Procedure for assigning a faculty member as a doctoral thesis tutor and director

Once a student has been accepted onto the doctoral programme, the Academic Commission will assign them a tutor from among the faculty at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) participating in the programme, who will then be responsible for ensuring good interaction with the Academic Commission and adapting the training and research activities to the principles established by the programme and the Doctorate School.

Within three months of enrolment, the Academic Commission will assign each student a thesis director from among the faculty participating in the programme. The director may or may or not be the same person as the tutor, and will be responsible for guiding and ensuring the consistency of the training and research tasks, and guaranteeing that the topic of the thesis have an impact and make a novel contribution to the field. They are also responsible for guiding the thesis plan and adapting it, if required, to other projects and activities in which the PhD student is involved.  

If the director is not a member of the faculty at the UPV/EHU, the tutor will act as a liaison.

Doctoral theses may also be co-directed, and the second co-director may or may not be a member of the DP.  New tutors or directors may be assigned at any moment during the thesis.

For more information, see the procedures and rules.