The EUDIA Research Team is a group set up to conduct research into Basque Language (Euskara) variation. Basically, it sets out to conduct research into Basque change or variation, to specify the social and other factors that are responsible for this variation, and to create tools for accomplishing research into variation. So an endeavour will be made to research geolinguistic or diatopic variation, as well as sociolinguistic or diastratic or diaphasic variation.

Variation in many fields of language are taken into consideration: lexical, phonological, morphological as well syntactic; on a sentence level as well as on a discourse level; linguistic as well as paralinguistic variation. To achieve this, our intention is to run pieces of research either alone or in collaboration with other researchers or research teams.

Those of us who work on different aspects of the Basque language believe that we need a large, rich corpus that all researchers will be able to avail themselves of. We are of the opinion that the lack of a large dialectal corpus hampers and limits research into dialectal Basque. So the creation of the CORPUS OF ORAL DIALECTAL BASQUE (EDAK) has been adopted as the major aim.

With this aim in mind, the members of the EUDIA team have set about taking the first steps in creating a corpus of current oral dialectal Basque: the EDAK project, in fact (HUM 2007/65094 approved by the MEC-Spanish Ministry of Education and Science).

But this research project has an important antecedent: "The Socio-geolinguistic Atlas of the Basque Language-EAS". Through this project approved by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country (UPV 05/72) the data of 75 towns in the Southern Basque Country [administered by Spain] were collected between 2005-2007 using a 201-question questionnaire and gathering data on informants from two different generations in each town.

Data gathering and analysis for the EDAK research project is taking place right now in collaboration with top researchers from the Basque Country and beyond (Gorka Elordieta, Iñaki Gaminde, Jose Ignacio Hualde and Elisa Fernández Rei) involved in conducting research into stress and intonation. This work will be reflected in the publication of the "Atlas of the Stress and Intonation of the Basque Language."

As Basque variation is the aim, this team has taken the firm decision to use computerised tools to research it, and will also create these tools should the need arise. Consequently, it will be working in the sphere of computerised or automated dialectology.

The EUDIA research team welcomes anyone who is keen to examine Basque variation by making use of computer tools.

In the course of its activities it will pause from time to time without setting any deadline in order to organise conferences, seminars, meetings, etc: to go deeper into theory, to examine data and to consolidate relationships with the agents around it.

That is how the "1ST EUDIA Conference" entitled Researching Speech Prosody came about. This conference arose out of the EDAK research project which the research team is currently working on. The reason is that gathering data on stress and intonation and researching these spheres are in fact among the aims of the project.

"EUDIA-2nd workshop" about Technology for language variation was held at the Faculty of Letters of the UPV-EHU (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2009). Joined together with AHOIKER research group organized the third I. Workshop on Prosody and Education (Bilbao, 2011).