Overall perspective

The main aim of the EUDIA research team is to analyse Basque variation in as great a detail as possible.

We are aware that the road to achieving this aim is long and arduous. And that if we want to go the whole way, we will have to cover a lot of ground and stop at numerous points.

Initially, we want to obtain the most basic of resources: data. Data gathered in a standardised way throughout the Basque-language zone in fact, because otherwise it will not be possible to measure diatopic Basque variation. Gathering data on Basque speech by means of one single methodology.

We will be gradually incorporating the data into a database or corpus. All the data gathered will be placed in the same corpus. Once this corpus is ready, it will be made available to the Basque scientific community.

The research team will be examining different variations taking place in Basque today: diatopic variation, diastratic variation as well as diaphasic variation.
This research team is keen to make use of automated, computerised tools to research variation. It is already making use of internationally available computer tools, and is keen to create new ones should the need arise.