EuroSoTL 2019


The SoTL or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning concept is very widespread in English-speaking countries, but it is not a familiar one in Spain, Italy and France. However, there are teaching groups seeking to analyse their practice scientifically throughout Europe and Latin America and in all fields. It is quite common that if we ascertain an aspect is likely to be improved when observing the reality, we will then want to know what its origin is, how to improve it and which solutions have already been proposed. After exploring and reflecting on this, we will design alternatives applicable to the context and we will analyse and share the results. Our common purpose is to advance in the knowledge of best teaching practices at the university and how our students can better learn.

SoTL is the organisational and conceptual umbrella for this highly important reality. The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has expressly convened academic and support staff and students from across the disciplines and around the world as a community that explores, researches and disseminates findings on what improves and articulates higher education learning and teaching (ISSOTL Conference Pedagogy).

The topics to be considered at this conference are mainly:

  • Which are the unexplored fields for SoTL?
  • What do we expect to get from SoTL?
  • How can we help SoTL grow robust?
  • How does SoTL help students and institutions grow?
  • Which are the alliances SoTL should build?

EuroSoTL 2019 has announced the following themes for submitting papers and posters:

1. Developing inquiry and research in undergraduate and post-graduate students.

2. Experiences that stimulate student engagement.

3. Emerging and unpublished experiences that foster significant and deep learning.

4. The professional approach to teaching and learning as the objective of the professional development of academic staff.

5. SoTL and the Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda)