Suistanable conference


The Organizing Committee of EuroSoTL-2019 is working to ensure that this conference is respeftful of the principles of sustainable development and of Agenda 2030.

In order to help meet this goal, we have introduced a variety of initiatives concentrated on six axes (mobility, energy, water, shopping, facilities and wastes) at different stages of the event (design and planning, organization, celebration and monitoring, dismantling and closure).

  • Promotion of gender equality in the selection of the speakers and members of the committee.
  • Celebration of the event in a place integrated into the public transport network and with energy-saving and energy efficiency measures.
  • Promotion of  transport on  non-motorized transport means and/or ‘Eco’ or ‘zero emission’ vehicles 
  • Prevention of waste generation.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials. 
  • Encouragement of  biodiversity and  local environmental richness 
  • Engagement of a catering with environmental and social criteria.
  • Integration within the organizing committee of social groups that are at risk of exclusion.