EuroSoTL 2019

Exploring new fields through the scholarship of teaching and learning

The third European Conference of EuroSoTL will take place in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU): a new letter combination grafts in the trunk of our old language. The term SoTL is new among us, but not its practice.

Talking about Scholarship of Teaching and Learning means a practical way of profound inquiry about every-day in-class procedures and processes.

If from the observation of reality we infer an aspect susceptible to be improved, we have the concern to know what its origin is, how to improve it and what solutions have already been proposed. After investigating and reflecting on it, we will design alternatives applicable to the context, and analyze and share the results. Advancing in the knowledge of best teaching practices is our common purpose.

The main topics of this conference, expected to be a fruitful process of teaching and learning, will be:

  • Which are the unexplored fields for SoTL?
  • What do we expect to get from SoTL?
  • How can we help SoTL grow robust?
  • How does SoTL help students and institutions grow?
  • Which are the alliances SoTL should build?

We want to bring to our country partners of the European Space of Higher Education, as well as people from Spanish or Basque speaking communities. In this multilingual conference, we will communicate trough Basque, Spanish, English or French. Let us enrich ourselves with diversity.