Buddy programme

Buddy programme

The Faculty's Buddy Programme aims to help international visitors who travel to our Faculty.

The buddies of our centre are students of the Faculty who, through experience, personal initiative or companionship, want to help exchange students to find their way around the city, Faculty and Campus.

These are some of the usual tasks our buddies carry out for visitors:

  • Assistance to the visitor´s questions or concerns prior to travel
  • Meet the visitor on their first day in the Basque Country, so as to give them advice on transport and how to get to their temporary accommodation
  • Meet the visitor at the first day he/she goes to the campus in order to pay their first visit to the international coordinator at faculty/school and Help Centre office
  • Go with the visitor to the faculty/school secretary to assist during official registration procedures (this year online)
  • Be available during the visitor´s 2-3 weeks for any difficulties that might arise

Buddies assistance is based on free will and companionship, that is, they don´t get wages from the university for their duties.

You do not need to register anywhere to have a buddy. All international visitors will automatically be assigned a buddy, so if you come to study with us, you will have one.

You will get her/his contact in July (if you come for the first semester or full year) or December (if you come for the second semester).