XSL Content

Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • To acquire expertise and learn the meaning and pertinence of theories, concepts and methods within the context of the (inter)disciplinary field of communication and especially the techniques of advertising and public relations.
  • To analyse, interpret, explain and critically evaluate events, social processes, texts and communication projects.
  • To apply methodological tools and theories to the practice in different communication contexts and processes.
  • To apply skills and use techniques, technologies and resources to the development of content and processes of communication in advertising and public relations and information in general.
  • To communicate and express, with fluency, efficacy and in a reasoned way, projects, achievements and outcomes of work and research, in different genres, formats and communication media in advertising and public relations.
  • To develop skills and abilities related to the participation, management and optimisation of teamwork, applying reasoned criteria to decision-making and the assessment of results.
  • To find, select, prioritise and analyse information and documentation in different sources, adapting their content to different narrative strategies and forms.
  • To gain knowledge and experience of professional routines and environments in order to more closely understand the working reality of the different profiles within the field of advertising and public relations that the market demands.
  • To plan and design strategies for the purpose of identifying objectives and arranging actions, within the context of the development of projects in advertising and public relations.
  • To summarise, develop and apply new creative approaches to problem-solving in communication.