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Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • An ability to give public presentations using ICTs.
  • An ability to locate, select and interpret information from bibliographical sources.
  • An ability to participate actively and constructively in discussion groups.
  • An ability to produce professional reports according to standardised criteria and protocols.
  • An ability to synthesise information and express conclusions by drawing up written documents.
  • An ability to work professionally, in an environmentally friendly way and in line with ethical directives.
  • Cooperating in the planning and implementation of policies and regulations governing foodstuffs, food standards and safety, and assessing the extent of compliance with same.
  • Developing methods for the analysis and control of processes and products throughout the food chain.
  • Developing the ability to gather data from experiments concerned with specific problems and interpret them in line with the knowledge acquired.
  • Developing, preparing and designing processes and products to meet the demands and needs of the market in different areas of the food industry.
  • Gathering and interpreting significant data with a view to forming judgements, studying and interpreting reports and administrative case files concerned with the technological and biotechnological products and processes used in food preparation.
  • Implementing, managing and assessing quality systems for ensuring the safety and standards of foodstuffs and associated processes.
  • Learning about and acquiring basic and specific knowledge concerning the raw materials, composition and technological and biotechnological processes involved in preparing, processing, packaging, storing and distributing foodstuffs.
  • Passing on information, ideas and solutions to problems to specialists in the sector and to consumers, under normal circumstances or in food crisis situations.
  • Providing advice to the food industry and to consumers on scientific, technical and legal matters concerned with advertising, labelling and marketing.