XSL Content

Course outline

Acquired skills

These are the main competences for which this degree will qualify you:

  • An understanding of diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Autonomous learning, a capacity for analysis and synthesis, and the practical application of knowledge.
  • Competent use of at least two foreign languages.
  • Oral and written proficiency in their own language.
  • The ability to competently produce in their own languages ideas or texts of different kinds received in another language.
  • The ability to manage (retrieve, assess and convey) inter-coded data applying specific techniques for each code.
  • The ability to resolve communication issues (retrieve, assess and convey information).
  • The ability to work individually and as a team (specific and interdisciplinary), in decision-making and project management, as well as on the profession’s economic and practical aspects.
  • To be capable of relating and applying the degree’s specific content with other closely related areas and disciplines.
  • To handle the IT tools related to the field of translation and documentation, as well as CAT.