Academic Formation and Transfer

Academic formation of specialists and professionals in the field of Quaternary Coastal Geology is one of the basic priorities of this university research group. The group leader is responsible of the Master and Doctorate Programmes in Quaternary: Environmental Changes and Human Fingerprint taught at present in the University of the Basque Country, and other group members teach also in these postgraduate courses.

This group also collaborates with other foreign researchers in the development of joint basic and applied research works on themes of common interest, particularly with Geology groups from the University of Lisbon(P), Universities of Plymouth and Southampton (UK) and from the North American universities of Pennsylvania and East Carolina, where our students stay during their formative period in order to acquire new techniques and scientific viewpoints.

Furthermore, a recent agreement has been established with the Aranzadi Science Society to develop a joint Centre of research on Quaternary Geology named Geo-Q Research Unit and located in the town of Leioa (Biscay, E). Within this centre, Harea-Coastal Geology is responsible of the Joaquín Gómez de Llarena laboratory dedicated to coastal research.

Harea-Coastal Geology carries out transfer activities of its scientific results from the research projects by means of public conferences and different media appearances. It also collaborates with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and private companies in the development of applied geological studies dedicated to the coastal environmental management and the natural and cultural heritage.