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Master’s in Philosophy, Science and Values

The Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Science and Values is aimed at analysing the main domains of philosophy, from practical philosophy, such as ethics and the social and political philosophy, to the epistemology and history and philosophy of science, combining at the same time the most basic research with applied research on social studies regarding science and technology (ESCT).

This Master will provide students with methods, conceptual instruments and solid philosophical, historical and social perspectives for the critical analysis and understanding of the current social, axiological, political and cultural transformations that have taken place in the knowledge societies. When the programme is completed, students will have acquired the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary to prove systematic understanding and to perform academic research independently and collectively in the fields of philosophy and ESCT; to hold positions in society that require specialised and highly developed knowledge to understand and manage activities carried out based on intensive knowledge; and to prepare a doctoral thesis in philosophy.

The programme is organised by the department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and the department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology of the UPV/EHU, jointly with the Postgraduate Programme in Philosophy of Science of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).