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Mobility Programme for Visiting Students

The Faculty´s academic offer (Bachelor and Master)

This website provides important information if you are considering applying for a mobility programme at the Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Anthropology in Donostia-San Sebastian. The programmes the Faculty offers are Erasmus, SICUE, Latin America and Other Destinations. You will need to check that your home university has an agreement with our faculty or with the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country.

Before applying, we recommend that you check the language offer of the subjects. Degrees in Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Social Education and Pedagogy are offered in Spanish and Basque. Most of the subjects in Pre-Primary Education and Primary Education are offered in Basque. The Faculty offers a list of subjects in English: Subject in English

N.B.: A B2 language level will need to be accredited to be able to enrol for the Minor subjects that have a foreign language component. It is important to bear in mind that the subjects are year-long ones..

Visiting students may request to do work experience as part of the subjects for the Practicum, except for the degree in Pre-Primary Education. The practicum offer in the Social Anthropology, Pre-primary Education, Primary Education and Pedagogy degrees will be limited and it will not be possible to guarantee a placement in advance. For this reason the request will need to be made three months in advance and an adequate language level will need to be accredited.
The Final Degree Project (FDP) will not be included in the academic agreement.

Gipuzkoa Campus´ academic offer (Bachelor and Master)

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Faculty academic timetable

The academic timetable  is divided into two semesters:

  • 1st semester: September-December.
    Examinations will take place in January of the following year. 
  • 2nd semester: end of January to May.
    Examinations will take place in June.
    Resit sessions:  The examinations will take place in June.

Procedure to be followed after being accepted

Once the UPV/EHU has received the acceptance of the visiting student by the stipulated deadline and in the proper manner, it will get in touch with the visiting student to enable him/her to register via email. The student will need to register via a platform and submit the following:

  • National Identity Document
  • Academic agreement.
  • Medical insurance. International students will need to take out insurance cover in accordance with the instructions set out in the registration email they receive. A SICUE student will need to submit a photocopy of the registration including school insurance

 If the documents are correct, the mobility coordinator will approve the student’s request.

Spanish and basque courses

You can also attend language courses, but these courses are not offered by the faculty and the courses will be accredited in a document separate from the visiting student’s academic record.

Kontaktua fakultatean

Vice-Dean of Mobility and Vocational Guidance
Elizabeth Perez Izaguirre

At the International Relations Office



Campus de  Gipuzkoa
Centro Ignacio Mª Barriola, primer piso
Plaza Elhuyar, 1 - 20018 Donostia Location (Google Maps)
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