Welcome to the HEFA Faculty!

Welcome to the Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Anthropology (HEFA) of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)!

It consists of approximately 2.481 students, 231 teaching and research staff and 32 administrative staff. And we are responsible for offering Euskal Herria/Basque society and the world six degrees, five masters, four doctoral programmes and two own degrees.

Our present HEFA was founded in 2016, when the then Gipuzkoa University School of Magisterium and the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences joined. We form a single faculty and are organized into two buildings: HEFA – Building I and HEFA – Building II.

Why and what for could you come to HEFA? At HEFA we strive to provide high-level training to citizens and professionals who come to us and to develop research for the development of Basque society. We generate knowledge in the fields of education, philosophy and anthropology, and we strive to foster critical and ethical thinking. Our public service is an innovative, sustainable, inclusive model for the normalization of the Basque Country and for a multilingual society, and we aim at equal opportunities and participatory governance.

Thank you for your interest!

Hoping to see you at HEFA, see you soon! @ehuHEFA