Itsaso Manias Muñoz

Itsaso Manias




Department of Journalism
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She has been a Ph. D. student in the Department of Journalism since 2015. She holds a doctoral grant from the Basque Government to carry out her thesis entitled: Fagor Electrical Appliances S.Coop: analysis of the crisis from the communication point of view. The research work concerns discovering the communication and information strategies during crisis situations. Her project also addresses the handling of crisis communication through media content and framing analysis. After graduating in Audiovisual Communication from Mondragon University (2011), she got a Masters degree in Management of Audiovisual, Business and Institutional Communication from the University of Deusto (2012), and a Masters degree in Social Communication from The University of the Basque Country (2013). Currently, she occasionally contributes to the local magazine Puntua, writing on communication topics. Prior to her Ph. D. project, she worked as communication manager for several Basque companies and projects.