Presentación del grupo

IkasGura: educational change in the university


The IkasGura team develops projects in the specific area of strategic educational development, which proposes that universities should transform themselves into learning-based organizations. To do so, it is necessary to set in motion a global strategy that places an emphasis on complex and holistic visions that encompass numerous levels of action.

The higher education system in the Basque Country represents a highly qualified scenario for these kinds of processes. Both the UPV/EHU, with its sustainable innovation model known as IKD (Ikaskuntza Kooperatiboa eta Dinamikoa – Cooperative and Dynamic Learning), and the Vocational Training system implemented by Tknika have different policies and programmes that influence the professional development and teaching identity of the faculty, institutional development, active education and, more immediately, possible alternative curricular developments to those based exclusively on the conventional disciplines. IkasGura aims to consolidate a line of research that:

  • Supports and provides feedback for the strategic educational development being rolled out in the Basque Country’s secondary education system in order to base it on empirical and scientifically proven evidence.
  • Develop the conditions for knowledge transfer within both the university and vocational training network and the secondary education system in the Basque Country.
  • Promote associations with the social and business fabric of the Basque Country in order to provide advice and guidance on learning processes within organizations and in-house training programmes.
  • Publicize the scientific resources that have been acquired on an international scale.