IkasGura: educational change in the university is a research group that began its trajectory in 2009 and in which more than twenty researchers in the field of Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine and Fine Arts have participated over time. Everyone shares their interest in research in the field of Higher Education in a broad sense, in order to built knowledge in this field and develop good practices that revert in the institution itself (UPV / EHU) and transfer them to other university contexts.

It is currently a Research Group recognized with level B (IT 1348-2019) by the Basque Government in its 2019-2021 call. Its current shaping is made up of the following researchers: Itziar Rekalde Rodríguez, Idoia Fernández Fernández, Ana Eizagirre Sagardia, Pilar Gil Molina, Alba Madinabeitia Ezkurra, Esther Cruz Iglesias, Pilar Ruiz de Gauna Bahillo, Clemente Lobato Fraile, Nagore Guerra Bilbao y Nagore Ibaibarriaga Revuelta.

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