Transfer lines

Territorial and social development


IkasGura has created the appropriate and necessary conditions for the transfer of its know-how to other university institutions and also to the network of vocational training and secondary education centres in the Basque Country. The practical experience and research that have been acquired in this respect demonstrate the efficacy of some of the strategies implemented in the field of Higher Education. However, one of the great difficulties is the isolation in which the different educational networks operate. The final purpose is, indeed, to intensify the exchange of information that IkasGura is undertaking with the Vocational Training network, especially through Tknika (Eizagirre, Imaz and Rekalde, 2018; Eizagirre, Altuna and Fernández, 2018) and to build bridges and channels for exchanges with secondary education. The concurrence and synergy between all the secondary and higher education networks in the Basque Country represents a key challenge for this research group.

However, the scientific background of IkasGura enables it to establish links with social and business entities whose vision is to improve and enhance the knowledge of their organizations and the training of their personnel.