Plenary speakers
  1. Robyn Carston (UCL and CSMN): Lexical meaning and concept communicated
  2. Eros Corazza (ILCLI and Carleton): Revisiting Millianism
  3. Maite Ezcurdia (UNAM): Incomplete predicates
  4. Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York): Why do we say what we say the way we say it: Salience in language production
  5. Ofra Magidor (Oxford): The myth of the de se
  6. Genoveva Martí (Barcelona and ICREA): Reference without having in mind
  7. Jeff Pelletier (Simon Fraser) : The Syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic properties of the count/mass distinction in English and what this says about syntactic/semantic/pragmatic distinctions generally
  8. John Perry (Stanford and Riverside): The strange case of Ivan and Donostia
  9. Howard Wettstein (Riverside): The myth of reference determination
Contributed Papers
  1. Brian Ball (Oxford): Speech acts: natural or normative kinds?
  2. Tomás Barrero (Bogotá): Action sentences, inference and meaninng
  3. Kaja Borthen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): If you don't read this, I'll never forgive you! A relevance-theoretical approach to propositional overstatements
  4. Anouch Bourmayan (Jean Nicod): Pragmatic objects for intransitive verbs: A situation based account of the phenomenon
  5. Ellen Breitholtz (Gothenburg): Enthymemes under discussion: Towards a micro-rhetorical approach to dialogue modelling
  6. Georgy Bronnikov (University of Texas): Inference in natural language
  7. Pablo Cobreros (Navarra), Paul Egré (Jean Nicod), Dave Ripley (Melbourne) & Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam): Sorites and the liar: towards a superclassical solution
  8. Cristina Corredor (Valladolid): Illocutionary act, communicative intentions and interaction
  9. Wayne Davis (Georgetown): Irregular negations: Explicature and impliciture theories
  10. Phillipe de Brabanter (Jean Nicod & Univ Paris 4 – Sorbonne) & Saghie Sharifzadeh (Univ Paris 4 – Sorbonne) : Combining colour­related terms with nouns
  11. Thorstein Fretheim (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Remarks on the information structure of equative sentences
  12. Thiago N. Galery (UCL): Donkey and deferred pronouns revisited
  13. Eduardo García-Ramirez (UNAM): A naturalistic challenge to compositionality
  14. Joana Garmendia (ILCLI): A pragmatic analysis of the Basque particle "ote"
  15. Francesco Gentile (Nottingham) : Metalinguistic negation, again
  16. Marie Guillot (Jean Nicod): Semantic relativism and the epistemology of de se thoughts
  17. Alison Hall (UCL): ‘Free' enrichment and the nature of pragmatic constraints
  18. Fredrik Haraldsen (Miami): Definite descriptions, identifiability and selection
  19. Claire Horisk (Missouri): Presupposition and demeaning jokes
  20. Amir Horowitz (The Open University of Israel): Semantic naturalism without hooking up to the World
  21. Yan Huang (Auckland): Marking of de se attribution and Neo-Gricean pragmatics: Logophoric expressions in West African languages and long-distance reflexives in East, South, and Southeast Asian languages
  22. Julie Hunter (University of Texas): From character to presupposition
  23. Gerd Jendraschek (Regensburg): Situation perspective and participant perspective: Analogies and differences between the referential individuation of predicates and arguments
  24. Robin Jeshion (Southern California): The truth about slurs
  25. Mikhail Kissine (Bruxelles) and Mark Jary (Roehampton): Semantics and pragmatics of the imperative mood
  26. Fabrizio Macagno (Lisboa) & Giovanni Damele (Lisboa): The dialectical force of missing premises. Enthymemes as dialogical strategies
  27. Gregory Mills: Conventionalized "noise": The development of sequential constraints in dialogue
  28. Sonja Müller (Bielefeld): How speech act theory manifests itself in grammar: Factivity and modality in questions
  29. Eleonora Orlando (Buenos Aires): Aesthetic assertions, disagreement, and relative truth
  30. Michael O'Rourke (Idaho) and Liela Rotschy (Ohio State University): Against speaker intentions
  31. Carlo Penco (Genoa): A "default" revision of Sainsbury's treatment of definite descriptions
  32.  Francesca Piazza (Palermo): The Dowry of Rhetoric. What can rhetoric tell us about pragmatics?
  33. Mihaela Popa (Birmingham): The embedding criterion: Metaphor and irony
  34. Alex Radulescu (University of California): The logic of indexicals
  35. Isidora Stojanovic (Jean Nicod): Talking about the future. Unsettled truth and assertion
  36. Richard Vallée (Moncton): On taste predicates. A multi-propositionalist perspective
  37. Emanuel Viebahn (Oxford): Testing for semantic context sensitivity: Saying, agreeing and the distinction between semantic and communicated content
  38. Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam): Additivity and adversativity
  39. Dan Zeman (Barcelona): Locations, binding, and the variadic functions approach
  40. Larraitz Zubeldia (UCL-ILCLI): The Basque reportative particle ‘omen': Contributing to the propositional contents of the utterance