This Department develops its R&D activities through the work of various research groups that carry out projects financially supported by European, national and regional funds, as well as through contracts with private companies. Practically all of its research activity is clearly oriented towards the development of more sustainable materials and processes. The main lines of research have to do with the development and characterization of new polymeric, synthetic and biobased materials and the development and charactization of catalysts, hydrogen technologies, biorefinery processes, environmental biotechnology, air pollution, water and soil pollution and valorization and recycling of solid waste.

This research is possible thanks to the R&D laboratories of the Department in the three aforementioned Schools. They have adequate equipment for the development of the various lines of research in progress, also having the research support of the general services of the UPV/EHU (SGIKER) and collaborations with many groups from other Spanish and foreign universities, scientific and technological centers, as well as R&D units of industrial companies.