This Department teaches all the subjects related to chemistry, chemical engineering and environmental technologies in the undergraduate and master's degrees of:

  • The Bilbao School of Engineering (a center that has integrated the former Higher Schools of Engineering of Bilbao, University of Industrial Technical Engineering of Bilbao, University of Mining and Public Works Engineering of Barakaldo and the School of Nautical and Naval Machines of Portugalete)

  • The School of Engineering of Gipuzkoa (which has integrated the old Polytechnic Schools of San Sebastian and Eibar)

  • The Vitoria-Gasteiz School of Engineering, as well as those related to environmental technologiesand impacts at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Arts.

All the teaching of the Department includes, not only lectures, classroom practices and seminars, but also experimental teaching in dedicated laboratories and work with advanced software tools for process engineering.