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Governing Bodies

As a Teaching Centre, the Faculty is governed by the Faculty Board and the Dean.

The Faculty Board

According to Article 10 of the Regulations of Centres, BOPV of 4 January 2016, the Faculty Board is the ordinary governing body of the University Community at the Faculty. Its decisions are binding on all collegiate and single-person bodies and on everyone at the Centre.

It is composed of the Dean, as chair, the Academic Secretary, acting as secretary to the Board, the Vice-Deans, the Administrator and 20 representatives, distributed over the 4 sectors of the University, i.e.

  • 60% Lecturers permanently associated with the University: 12 representatives.
  • 5% Other teaching and research staff, including non-Doctors: 1 representatives.
  • 25% Students: 5 representatives.
  • 10% Administrative and Services Staff: 2 representatives.

Its meetings are public and all attendees have the right to speak.

Staff at the Dean's Office

The Dean (Article 203 EE UPV/EHU) is a single-person body of government representing the Faculty. He/she is chosen by the Board of the Centre and, to govern the Faculty, he/she has a team comprising 2 Vice-Deans and 1 Secretary.

  • Dean: Marian Iriarte Ormazabal
  • Vice-Dean of Academic Planning: Gonzalo Guerrica-Echevarria Estanga
  • Vice-Dean of International Relations: Enrique Gómez Bengoa
  • Secretary: Miren Ostra Beldarrain