Ildo estrategikoak

Strategic Lines


Generate and transmit knowledge through the development of advanced and innovative research lines, in Biosciences and Quality of Life, contributing in the near future to improving people's wellbeing. The Strategic Lines addressed are: Pharmaceutical Development, Forensic Science, Food Safety and Quality, Molecular Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunoallergy; Nutrition; Pathophysiology (heart related) Aging Prevention (neurodegenerative diseases and advanced cell therapy) and Biodiversity.


Become a center of international reference in research and training in Biosciences and Quality of Life. With its current capacity and future potential, the Center's will join Euskampus Excellence in Research activities and expand internationally by signing agreements with national and international scientific institutions and networks.


  • Scientific and innovative capacity
  • Commitment
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Critical Spirit
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Social responsibility
  • Scientific rigor
  • Excellence


  • Generate knowledge in Biosciences and Quality of Life.
  • Promote high qualification training.
  • Encourage incorporation of post-doctoral and young researchers to the Center.
  • Strengthen its facilities and equipment.
  • Implement a Quality Plan to ensure management certification and procedure accreditation.
  • Promote cooperation amongst the Center's Research Groups.
  • Increase current results regarding excellence indicators: dissertations, research projects, patents and publications.
  • Become a scientific-technical benchmark.
  • Transfer knowledge derived from research.
  • Foster collaboration with companies and generate agreements at the international, state and/or local level with agencies/institutions, etc.
  • Boost internationalization of the Center's image and participation in national and international networks.
  • Pass the benefits from this type of Center on to society.