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Postgraduate studies in the Network

Our postgraduate study programmes are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, offering everything from the foundations for a career in research to the resources required for better professional development. The following are just some of the degrees offered within the Latin American Postgraduate Network:

  • University Master’s Degrees: advanced or multidisciplinary courses, oriented either towards academic or professional specialisation or those wishing to start out in research.
    Master’s degrees 2021-2022

  • PhD Programmes: this area covers a range of activities in which PhD students, under the supervision of research staff, have an opportunity to continue their education and conduct research, leading ultimately to the reading of a PhD thesis. Successful defence of the thesis entitles students to a doctorate, the highest of all academic degrees. It is estimated that full-time students will take around three years to prepare their thesis.
    PhD programmes 2021-2022