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XII International LasLab Workshop: "Educating for change: Innovative foreign language learning approaches"

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19/05/2017 19/05/2017, 00:00 - 00:00


Recent years have seen a transformation in language learning methodologies. Reasons for this include developments in human sciences, social changes, globalisation, the spectacular growth of intercultural relationships, different ideologies in teaching, the various needs of individuals and societies, and emergent and powerful technology, to name just a few. These factors accompany new styles of learning and teaching languages which we need to adopt, not only to shape these new societal features but also to respond to the needs of today's fast-changing world.

All these changes impact the teacher-learner relationship, where the teacher one-sidedly transmits his or her knowledge to the learners. Different resources are at the disposal of learners, mainly as a result of technology, such as new digital learning tools, which make it possible for them to take charge of their own learning (for instance, flipped learning). Learners can also acquire content and language in more than one language (CLIL, multilingualism) and become active members of new scenarios (task-based methodology, etc.).

These changes will undoubtedly affect teachers, students and other individuals involved in the learning and teaching of foreign languages. This symposium provides an opportunity to advance their knowledge in this area.


Centro de Investigación Micaela Portilla Ikergunea
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Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
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