The building

Characteristics of the building


The building is located next to the Lascaray Ikergunea Research Centre and has a underground car park, on the ground floor, with a surface area of 3,194 m2. The rest of the building, with a total surface area of 5,814 m2, is divided into four levels with four different spaces.

The development of the project regarding this building has been carried out under the eco design regulations UNE-EN 14006, through traditional and innovative building systems. In this case the CLT wooden panels have been used as external casing for the facade and the structure is made of reinforce concrete. The ventilated facade is finished with some corrugate polymer concrete panels. Besides, the warmth of the wood has been used for the design of interior spaces. Natural lighting also plays a significant role in this building, thanks to the interior patios and the curtain wall of the rear facade.

Common services


In addition to the rooms of the research groups, the building has two common linguistic laboratories and three archeology laboratories available to user groups.

1. Research
Linguistic Laboratories:

The Micaela Portilla Research Centre has 2 linguistic laboratories on the 3rd floor of the building (rooms 3.3 and 3.4) with a surface area of 88.31 m2 each.

  •  "Perception of Speech laboratory". A soundproof booth of 30.50 m2 for 8 experimentation workstations, separated by a glass panel with communication to a quiet room. In the quite room there are 2 workstations and an exterior desk area for 4 workstations for the control of the soundproof booth.
  •  "Experimental Linguistic Laboratory": 2 Faraday booths, and 2 acoustic soundproof booths of 30.50 m2 for 4 experimentation workstations, with visual communication of the booths with the quiet room. In turn, the quiet room has 4 workstations for the control of the booths.
Archeology Laboratories:

The centre has 4 archeology rooms located in the basement of the building, with the following layout:

  •  Reception of archeological materials (52 m2)
  •  Flotation, washing and drying of materials, with direct access from the garage/car park of the building (96 m2)
  •  Storage of archeological materials (92 m2)
  •  Preparation of samples and treatment of materials (92 m2)

In the basement of the building there is a tank for archeological waste, in a way that the water that pours through the basins of the "Flotation, Washing and Drying" room flows into a tank that is independent from the rest of the building.

2.- Work rooms, meeting rooms and assembly hall

The centre has several meeting rooms, work rooms for seminars and presentation of results as well as an assembly hall.

Type of room Capacity and Location Characteristics

Assembly hall

108 people
On ground floor
Audiovisual equipment + Computer Stand

5 meeting rooms

14 people per room:

- Rooms 0.1 and 0.9 (on ground floor)

- Room 1.8 (on 1st floor)

- Room 2.5 (on 2nd floor)

- Room 3.5 (on 3rd floor)
Mobile screen

5 work rooms for seminars and presentation of results

On ground floor:
- Room 0.2 (40 people)

- Room 0.3 (16 people)

- Room 0.6 (16 people)

- Room 0.7 (40 people)

- Room 0.8 (62 people)
Audiovisual equipment+Computer

2 individual or team work rooms

On ground floor:
- Rooms 0.4 and 0.5 (24 people)

- Room s 0.10, 0.11 and 0.12 (20 people)

No previous reservation needed; to share among university researchers.
Electric tables or chair desks


Reservation of venues

The opening times of the centre are: Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 21:00 hours.
Contact telephone number: +34 945 01 4003

  • In order to reserve one of the rooms of the Micaela Portilla Ikergunea Research Centre, please complete THIS FORM. Reservations will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis and the concierge of the centre will confirm, by email, the reservation requested or, if applicable, denial of it.


  • For personnel outside the UPV/EHU the fees of the general budgets of the University will be applied: