Microencapsulated Cells for Cancer Therapy.

Saenz del Burgo L, Ciriza J, Hernández RM, Orive G, Pedraz JL.
Methods in molecular biology
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261 - 272

The microencapsulation of different types of cells that are able to produce therapeutic factors is being investigated for the treatment of several human diseases. Most efforts are focused on chronic and degenerative diseases as this strategy could become an alternative to some commonly used parenteral treatments that need to be repeatedly administered. But, this approach has also been investigated in the field of oncology with the aim of providing immunomodulatory antibodies that are able to enhance the patient's inherent immune response against the tumor. These kind of treatments would provide the patient with the therapeutic drug produced in situ, de novo, and in a sustained way, making the therapy more comfortable.Although different devices are nowadays available to produce cell-enclosing alginate-microcapsules, here, we describe the most important steps and advices in order to fabricate alginate-poly-L-lysine-alginate microcapsules containing hybridoma cells for cancer management using an electrostatic bead generator, and how to evaluate the viability of those cells over the time.

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