NanoBioCel: Micro and nano technologies, biomaterials and cells research group

NanoBiocel Group

Since 2001, our research group from the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science's Department has been recognized as a University of the Basque Country´s (UPV/EHU) "Consolidated group" by the Basque Government. The principal investigator is Dr José Luis Pedraz Muñoz. The members of the group has an  extensive research, academic and management background. More precisely, the staff is composed by 2  professors, 9 senior lectures, 3 researchers hired by the CIBER BBN, and 10 graduate students.

It is remarkable our active implication in relevant research projects on the field of pharmaceutical technology, cellular therapy, characterization of biomaterials, and, especially, on the development of new sustained and controlled delivery systems for drugs, peptides, proteins, DNA and cells. During the last decade, these projects have been or are nowadays financed by national and international institutions. The University of the Basque Country supports some of them.

Likewise, since 1997, the Laboratory of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology is part of the Unit of Pharmaceutical Development (UPD), which is a section of TECNALIA, located at the Technological Park in Alava.