Offered Services

Platform Formulation of Medicines

This platform's objective is to design and develop drug dosage forms based both on classic technologies and newer technologies, such as micro or nanoencapsulation. Once the formulation has been developed, optimal manufacture process is developed as well as pharmaceutical product's preparation guidelines.
The offered services are the following: designing and manufacturing of different pharmaceutical forms (parenterals and orals, controlled release forms, topical forms, etc.), micro and nanoencapsulation conventional APIs, peptides and proteins, microencapsulation of live cells, and preparation on non-viral vectors based on solid lipid nanoparticles.

In addition, this laboratory has the equipment for production and analysis, so dosing, quality control, and stability studies can be carried out. Validation of analytical techniques for API, degradation product or metabolite quantification are also offered, as well as pharmacokinetic preclinical studies.

These activities are conducted following strict quality rules and they have the Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) certificate given by the Spanish Medicine Agency.