Benznidazol and Triazol Research Group for nanomedicine and Innovation on Chagas disease. (BERENICE). Proposal No 305937-1 FP7 Health 2012

Jose Luis Pedraz, Rosa Hernandez, Manoli Igartua, Amaia Esquisabel.
from 2012 to 2017
Financing entity:
European Community's 7th Framework Programme

BERENICE (Benznidazol and Triazol REsearch group for Nanomedicine and Innovation on Chagas diseasE) has been created to obtain a more effective, better tolerated and cheaper formulation of a drug with trypanocidal activity to cure Chagas disease.

BERENICE is a European research network (Collaborative Project) coordinated by Vall d' Hebron University Hospital and its Research Institute (ICS-HUVH, Barcelona, Spain). Our consortium brings together 8 European and Latin American partners. Starting in September 2012, this 5-year project is supported by the European Commission under the Health Innovation Work Programme of the 7th Framework Programme. To ensure its successful completion, BERENICE has been divided into 8 work packages, each dealing with specific tasks.

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