International Relations Office: Our mission

Our mission

The Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization of the University of the Basque Country aims to promote the internationalisation of our institution by managing all exchange programmes in force in our university and supporting the students, teaching staff and researchers that visit us for educational, tuition or research purposes. We aspire to create a non-discriminatory, multicultural institution that provides excellent education and research opportunities for our community. That is why, we cherish your wish to join us, share our culture while, at the same time, you enrich it with your own.

This website intends to help you plan your stay and provide you with all the information and resources you might need. Once you are here, feel free to visit your closest Help Centre on campus: we will further assist you any way we can, so that you go back home with fond memories of our region, our culture and our university.

Yours sincerely,

The Vice-Rector and the staff of the International Relations Office.