The Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization and specifically the Department of International Relations promotes, within the framework of its competence, the International Agreements necessary for the development of activities related to the internationalization of the University of the Basque Country (hereinafter referred to as the UPV-EHU).

As stated in the Government Council's Regulation of 24th April, 2009 (BOPV, 26th May, 2009) the negotiation of those agreements is developed in articles 24 to 29:

According to this Regulation each Campus' Vice-Rectorates are competent to negotiate and deal with the agreements with international institutions when the activity to be ruled with comprises only the respective Campus jurisdiction.

Our procedure to negotiate and deal with the agreements pertaining to activities involving the whole University or more than a Campus Jurisdiction could be summarized as follows:

Proposal for processing

Anyone interested in reaching an International Cooperation Agreement must send a Explanatory Report which contains:

  1. The applicant's particulars (Name, position in the UPV/EHU, College, address, phone, fax and e-mail)
  2. How to contact the other party (Institution, contact person or contact point, address, phone, fax and e-mail)
  3. Explanatory information
    • Circumstances recommending to reach an agreement between parties
    • Envisaged objectives
    • Assumed commitments in order to achieve those objetctives, breaking down if necessary, whether they entail economic contributions, the source of credit to cope with them
    • The material and human resources devoted to meet the assumed commitments.

The Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization will reach the applicant so that, having the approved Framework or Specific (students and faculty staff) Agreement Forms as reference, the proposal will be adapted to the case.

At the same time, the Vice Chancellor will enter into negotiations with the contracting party in order to explain our own procedure, agree the final draft and conclude the proceedings.

The contact person  in our institution is Juan Carlos Castillo Martínez, ext. 2166. e-mail address:


Application and reports

Previously to the signing, or submission of the Agreement to the Government Council for Approval, according to the case, it is compulsory to request legal reports about the aims and content of the agreement to other involved Vice-Rectorate.

Reports requests will be addressed from the Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization. Attending to the different type of agreements the number and origin of legal reports can vary in every case

Next, you will find some interesting information:

  1. Framework Agreements (they usually establish general cooperation objectives as library exchange of publications, joint research projects, curricula, Faculty, student and researchers exchange, short term visits,…). Generally, Faculty, Academic Management, Student, General Manager, Legal Department, Library and Research Vice Chancellors legal reports are compulsory.
  2. Specific Agreements (they usually establish a specific cooperation; for instance, the development of a research that implies the exchange of human resources). Depending on the area the number of legal reports could be lower.
  3. Agreements entailing subsidies (they contain only economic agreements related to sponsorships to the UPV/EHU affecting to the International Relations Vice Chancellor). An authorization of the Government Council in case of exceeding 300.000.- € is compulsory.

Legal reports are usually released within a 15 days period. Their content could advise new changes in final draft and the consequent restructure with promoter and parties in order to agree over recommended changes. In case reports will be favourable the proceeding will go on as follows:

Once the compulsory reports have been received, the Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization will send the whole dossier to the General Secretary, Agreement proposal included, so that the Agreement discussion will be submitted to the agenda of the Permanent Commission or the Government Council if necessary. In any case, the Vice Chancellor for International Relations will send all documents to the General Secretary 15 days before the meeting will be held.

Council meetings are held every one month at least.

Authorization and signature

Once the agreement has been approved by the Government Council the Vice-Rectorate of Basque, Culture and Internationalization will end the proceedings until signing.

Proceedings usually take an average lapse of two months from the very beginning to the signing.

The General Secretary holds an Agreement Registry and Directory signed by the institution.