Mortality and health

Mortality and health: patterns, trends, levels, and inequalities


This research line focuses on producing indicators of health and mortality, with a life course perspective, including health expectancy, health inequality, working life expectancy, or overall life expectancy. Where needed, we propose new synthetic indicators, measurement approaches, and we develop analytic tools for decomposing differences between groups and changes over time. The objective is to give a varied and detailed analysis of the impact of various geographic, social, and environmental determinants on assorted demographic outcomes related to health and mortality. We harness survey data, vital register data, and other administrative data, focusing on populations at different geographic scales and areas, both local, national and global.

Currently two projects fall under this line:

  1. Multistate Healthy Life Expectancy Decomposition
  2. Multidimensional Social Inequalities as Demographic Determinants: Mortality Inequalities, Excess Mortality, and Working Life Expectancy