Unai Martín Roncero

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  • Salud Mental, medicalización y género: análisis de las desigualdades y sus factores. Ministerio de Ciencia Innovación y Universidades. Investigador
  • Crisis, salud y desigualdades sociales en salud. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 2014-2016. Investigador principal
  • Fairer Active Ageing for Europe (FACTAGE). Comisión Europea. JPI More Years Better Lives. 2015-2019. Investigador colaborador
  • Evaluating the impact of structural policies on health inequalities and their social determinants, and fostering changes (SOPHIE). Comisión Europea. FP7/2007-2001. Call 2013. 2011-2015. Investigador colaborador
  • El impacto de la crisis sobre la salud y las desigualdades sociales en la salud de la población de la CAE. Universidad del País Vasco. 2013-2015. Investigador colaborador

I have worked with different administrations  and social organizations in research work and in teaching specific courses or seminars. In addition, I belong to the consolidated research group Kronikgune "Equidad, salud poblacional y atención a la diversidad"  and I am member of the team that developed the Survey of Health of the Basque Country. I have participated in working groups for the development or evaluation of interventions and/or pubic policies such as the Health Plan of the Basque Country, the Plan for the Promotion of Physical Activity (Aktibili) or the Commission for the Reduction of Health Inequalities in Spain. Finally, I have worked with various media in the dissemination of issues related to demography and social inequalities in health. More information: www.ehu.eus/opik