Areas of Application

  • Any research that requires the use of animals for experimentation. Also includes the use of animals for teaching purposes.
  • Animal experimentation can be carried out at the premises set aside for such purpose at the Animal Unit itself.
  • The Animal Unit at the Gipuzkoa Campus is fitted out to stall only large and small rodents.
  • This Animal Unit is officlally fitted out as a User establishment, therefore being adapted to those activities regulated by this type of unit.
  • The Animal Unit provides service to all researchers from the UPV/EHU who need to use laboratory animals for their experimental and/or teaching work, in addition to any other researchers from public or private centres, companies and institutions that may require it.
  • The Animal Unit at the Gipuzkoa Campus will provide the services described above in order to lend support to basic and applied research and for other scientific purposes in the different fields of Psychology.
  • The Animal Unit at the Gipuzkoa Campus will collaborate with the teaching aims of the University.