Regulations governing use

General rules for accessing SGIker

For access to the Service and Greenhouse Phytotron you must meet the requirements of the Protocol SGIker to access and use of the services available.

Policy regarding access and use of the service

  • Can access the General Service "Fitrotrón and Greenhouse" all researchers at the University of the Basque Country / EHU, the universities and other public bodies and private, based on these rules and Regulations of the SGIker when requested.
  • Requests for supply of plant species, use of cameras and analytical determinations of anions, cations and sugars will be addressed in the order received, but may be changed for technical reasons or to carry out urgent work properly justified by the responsible the service. The occupation of external services to the UPV / EHU will not exceed 30% of annual operating time of service.
  • The rates of use of different equipment will be approved annually by the Board of Research. All services (internal and external) will be billed through the Accounting Department of the UPV / EHU or budgetary procedures. The rates established and published by SGIker are indicative and always will be budgeted in advance.
  • When the work of the unit "Phytotron and Greenhouse" are included in the research of a group or research project, associated publications will mention the use of the Service and shall communicate to this service the published results arising from their use.

Section Greenhouse and culture chambers

  • The service may take plants, soils, etc.. from cultivation and maintenance centers officially authorized. In all other cases it will be required the authorization of the Scientific Committee of the unit. It must be ensured that the plant material, soil, etc.. are pathogen free (it will not be accepted input or output of plants with pests or pathogens), or if it is strictly necessary, it will require the authorization of the Scientific Committee of the unit.
  • The Service will provide a space, giving the applicant a date for performing the experiment. Once beyond the date of completion of the experiment the applicant shall remove the material or renew the request, advising as far in advance as possible to the Service. Where there is no material removal, the Service reserves the right to dispose of the material in question.
  • Maintaining crop may be made in the case of internal users (UPV / EHU) by the users themselves, provided they have been previously recognized as authorized by the responsible users of the Service and after serving a minimum training period.
  • Applying special experimental treatments should be consulted and will be studied by the Service.
  • In the event that it is necessary to conduct a treatment plant in the greenhouse or growth chambers , the Technical Service reserves the right to apply the necessary phytosanitary treatment with the adequate notice, if possible,by the user
  • All users, once accepted the budget, undertake:
    • Caring and responsible use of the facilities and equipment of the Service.
    • Being responsible for controlling their crops through visits they deem appropriate.
    • Do not leave your keys or access card to another person discharged as an authorized user without notice to the service technician.
    • Sign in the log book of the greenhouse and growth chambers cameras and notebooks in various devices existing in the Service.
    • Maintain housekeeping and turn off the small equipment used on site.
    • Do not handle any control set system parameters.
    • Any modification to the experimental material (transfer between chambers and greenhouse, vary the time period of the crops, elimination of some samples, etc.) Must be reported to the Technical Service.
    • Remove, whenever possible, sick or dead material that can adversely affect the health status of the installation.
    • Do not leave any dirty material inside the greenhouse or growth chambers.
    • Avoid as far as possible the entry of dust or insects. Ensure that the doors are not left open longer than necessary.
    • Leaving the facility used in perfectly clean state at the end of the experiment, including containers, trays and other material used to be left clean and disinfected.
    • Notify the service technician any anomaly or incident occurring at the facility.

Ion Chromatography Section

  • It is essential to indicate the nature of the sample, the method of extraction and sample preparation and other information of interest to anticipate any issues in the same
  • The minimum amount of sample required for analysis is 2 ml or if required proportional volume dilutions and repeats.
  • In case of requiring sample dilutions these shall be considered as an analysis.
  • Do not test samples which are not filtered through 0.2 μm. The service will provide the filters for the samples to be analyzed and its price is included in the rate. If samples should be filtered by the technical service fee is added to the time spent on this operation.
  • The Service is not responsible for how the user has performed the sampling.